Looking for girls to ride with

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Looking for girls to ride with

The challenge is real, but there are a few ways you can speed up the search for a new biking BFF. They often have some programming if you want to learn to ride, but even just heading to the park and playing around on bikes will almost always mean running into another girl your age to hang out with. PS: read this article about getting comfortable at the bike park before you go! NICA is for high schoolers, and 23 states now have chapters. Check out their website here. This Canadian-based organization deed to get more girls into sport—including mountain biking! Even if the clubs are generally full of adults, you can check with them to see if there are any younger members or kids of members!

It might not mean riding as official team or club members, but there are usually a few other girls who are into cycling that you can find! Check out popular ride locations in your area on Instagram and see if any girls are posting pictures from rides.

You might not want to race your bike or at least, not yetbut going to local races is a great way to meet other young riders in your area.

Looking for girls to ride with

There are tons of boys riding as well, and most of them are welcoming to girls who want to shred. Our real life Shred Girls have all found friends through cycling, and here, we rounded up their best tips and tricks! Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading

Looking for girls to ride with Looking for girls to ride with

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